Exciting Times!

There is always something happening when you have as many books published as I do. Last week Headline contacted me to let me know about two more little ideas they’ve had.

Michael Jecks Compendium_2.jpgFirst is a brilliant one, I have to admit. They are putting together THE MICHAEL JECKS COMPENDIUM. This is going to be a collection of all of the first chapters of all of my books, in one group. Obviously this isn’t something they’re doing entirely altruistically, they are hoping to sell a bunch of books as a result. Still, for readers who’ve not yet discovered me, this is a fabulous idea. People can at least get a feel for my writing and for my characters. I love it as a concept, and I’m hoping that the fact that the compendium will be free will entice more people to look and try my stories!

That will be out this week, so keep your eyes open if you want to take a squint

Later, for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading THE MAD MONK OF GIDLEIGH, THE TEMPLAR’S PENANCE or THE OUTLAWS OF ENNOR, there is a special coming that will appeal, I hope. You’ll be able to buy THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR COLLECTION from Headline for a ludicrously cheap £4.99. For those who already have the books – sorry! Hopefully it’ll tempt more folks to try them, though.

The Knights Templar Collection_2.jpgAs you’ll have noticed, hopefully, the whole of the Templar series has been rebranded now by both Headline and Simon and Schuster. They have these delicious new covers that really do appeal. Well, they appeal to me, anyway! The new covers will be available from both publishers as e-books, but for real books it’s going to be confusing. The simple fact is, none of the titles is out of print. Some haven’t sold so well, but there are stocks of all the titles and reprinting is quick and easy. Putting new covers on printed books is pretty expensive, I’m told, so Headline will wait until there is a massive influx of orders for older books before they’ll consider re-issuing the titles with the new covers.

And now the serious news.

I’ve had so many people asking for new books in the Puttock/Furnshill series, that I’ve decided I’m going to have to try to please people. So, with that in mind, I’m intending to try to write and publish my own follow-up story that will cover the death of Edward II – and what he did next. I have an outline idea for this already (plus six others) which I’m keen to write, so what I’m intending is to look into crowd funding for this story with a view to making sure I have some money coming in while I write it. Otherwise the project will fail while I try to get some cash working in a checkout line in Sainsbury’s. I don’t want that. I think I make a better author than shop assistant. So, keep your eyes pinned to this blog and hopefully as soon as I’ve finished this story, and then the book on Poitiers, there will be good news for all those who’re interested in the idea of more Templar series stories!

All best and happy reading!


The first in the series from Simon and Schuster:




































Then there were the Headline books:











And then from Simon and Schuster again:













And finally the last titles from Simon and Schuster again:












Not forgetting the prequel to the series!

Templar's Acre PBB





15 Responses to “Exciting Times!”
  1. Jack Eason says:

    A brilliant idea Michael. Here’s hoping it boosts your sales. :)


  2. Jack Eason says:

    Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    A announcement from Michael :)


  3. A first chapter compilation as promo is a brilliant idea. Especially today where the largest challenge any author faces is discovey. A challenge I am looking into as I explore ways of republishing my own back list. Good luck with the crowd funding.


    • Good luck with the backlist. I eventually split it, as you can see. Good luck with yours. It’s so hard to know what to do for the best with the publishing market in the state it is, isn’t it? Hope it goes well.


  4. Toni Betzner says:

    Love those covers


  5. James Krauss says:

    Hay Michael, you have to keep writing these books I caught up to you and I am waiting for the next book.


  6. Paul says:

    Perhaps Baldwin and Simon can escort a young Edward III to met a monk and save the death for another book?


    • Well, my reference to the death should have been in quote marks. I don’t think he died in Berkeley. In fact I’m sure he didn’t. So this book will look at escort duties, potentially!


  7. betnew says:

    These look to be right up my alley! I’ll have to check them out – the compendium will be a terrific way for e to do that. Where will I find it?


    • Hi, Betnew, and thanks for that! The compendium should be out this week. If you search for it on Amazon or Nook or any of the other formats, you should soon find it. I think it ought to be available to preorder. Last week I was told it would be before Friday next, so hopefully it’ll soon be there! All best of luck and thank you so much for your interest. I hope you enjoy the introductions!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. jehscribbler says:

    These are great ideas and the new covers look really good. I would certainly contribute to a crowdsourcing effort to be able to read further books in the series!


    • Thanks for that, JEH. It’s very kind of you – and very good news that you’d consider joining in a crowdsourcing scheme. I’m looking into it and will be putting up blogs as things come to fruition. Thanks again!


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