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    Michael Jecks

    Michael Jecks

    Crime writer, historian, panellist and speaker

    Author of the best selling Templar series of medieval murder stories. There are 32 titles, and now my publishers have two Hundred Years War books ready. Look out for FIELDS OF GLORY in June.

    Highlights of my career?

    Chairman of the Crime Writers' Association

    International Guest of Honour at Bloody Words 2014 in Toronto

    Grand Marshall of the first parade in 2014 Mardi Gras, New Orleans

    Having the Michael Jecks fountain pen designed with Conway Stewart

    Founding the Medieval Murderers

    Speaking all over the world from Anchorage to Bogota, Brescia to Seattle, Piacenza to Toronto.

    I blog, I write for papers, and I give talks and after-dinner speeches. You want a humorous talk? I may be your guy.

    For the rest, I walk a lot, cycle, take photos, paint badly and spend too much time on twitter and facebook. I'm an enthusiastic home brewer of wine and beer - and to scare the uninitiated, I am also a Morris dancer with Tinners' Morris.

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Meet Guest Author Mike Jecks

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise!:
Hi, I’m Mike Jecks, always writing under the name Michael Jecks, and I’m the author of 35 published books, as well as a bunch of short stories, novellas with Medieval Murderers, and, let’s not forget, five unpublished books. I never meant…

France Motorhome Hire - and no, I don't get a cent for mentioning them!

Another Week!

And so another week passes. The internet is growing to be a dangerous place, I think. In one week I’ve had three invitations per day asking me to give my money to people. Yes, they are casino operations, but I don’t care. These gambling sites are not designed to provide me with money, they are … Continue reading

Why I have no option

Originally posted on Quintin Jardine's blog:
I was born in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, somewhere between VE-Day and VJ-Day, at the drawn-out end of WWII. My home town made steel; it was sustained by the mills, even before the establishment of the Ravenscraig plant that dominated it for decades. It was a sectarian society, make no mistake about it;…

Oh. Now I see why ... Carlos the Jecks.


For those who haven’t quite had enough of Jecks this week, there’s an interview up here on a great blog site – hopefully it’ll bring out something new even for readers who know me quite well!

The peaceful memorial at Arras

Scotland – and my own sadness.

I find the whole debate about Scottish independence deeply saddening. I don’t speak from any nationalistic point of view here, but only from a deep concern about the future, no matter how the Scots vote. If I was a Scot, I’d probably want to be independent. There, I’ve said it. I’ve been pretty keen to … Continue reading

The peaceful memorial at Arras

I’m Back!

Okay, I’m sorry not to have warned folks that I was taking some time off, but that’s why I’ve been quiet and not responding to emails and comments. I’ve been away. The first two-week holiday my family’s ever had, and it was wonderful. I have had the ambition of travelling to France for a long … Continue reading


The First Casualty is Truth

This, you may have noticed, is the centenary of the beginning of the First World War. I think generally, so far, it has been handled quite well. After fifty years of denigrating those who wanted to celebrate the fallen in two world wars, even the BBC decided to get on message. I have always had an especial … Continue reading

Dartmoor Folk Festival at night

Another Folk Festival Gone

It’s a serious shock when you sit down and realise another year’s gone. Only a little while ago I was sitting down and thinking this year I’ll take the boy onto the moors, sleep over under the stars, have a decent walk. Then again, he was determined to get me fit once more, so his … Continue reading

Lots of lovely books!


Thesetwo companies are really going nuclear just now. Amazon wrote a letter to all its Kindle published authors, asking them to write to Hachette for being nasty, and Hachette’s boss has written to all of those who have written to him (be interesting to know how many) with a fairly straightforward response. So who is … Continue reading

The house that inspired the books: Simon Puttock's house: West Henstill near Sandford


Every business needs to have alternatives, don’t they? We’re all told we should diversify. Farmers should break into providing mini-breaks for bed and breakfast guests, while bookshops should sell coffees and restaurants should provide wifi. Diversification is good, clearly. Well, no it ruddy well isn’t for me! As an author, I regularly have to spread … Continue reading


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