Pensions and Strikes

There is to be a strike tomorrow. Thousands of people are going to down tools, stop work, and march shouting slogans first thought up by their ancestors long, long ago. Do I support them? No. To be fair (I try to be, sometimes), my first annoyance with this whole matter was the money, but then … Continue reading

BBC Short Story Slashing!

It really is BBC Lunacy. Oh, I know. There are so many aspects of the BBC that call for the searing satire of a Swift, and yet here I am, a mentally meandering crime hack, doing my best with one aspect only. Which? The latest changes to the Radio 4 schedule, of course. Ok, so … Continue reading

So, is this one a real or a political promise, Dave?

Just for the record, let me state that I love Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and every other European country I’ve visited. I like Europe. And the european people. And I especially like going to Europe, partaking of their foods and wines, and enjoying their cultures. That, though, is the point. They all have different cultures. … Continue reading

Smoking Rears its Head Again

It seems as though all my time just now is spend blogging about various legal or illegal substances. Last week it was illegal drugs – this week it’s been announced that the UK doctors are asking that smoking in private cars should also become illegal. There are good reasons why British doctors should feel that … Continue reading

Drugs again

Drugs – Yet Again Ach, I really, really dislike returning to this, but really, what is the point of the anti-drugs policy? I saw this today and felt the irritation rising again. A nice picture needed to calm me down now. Let’s see. Ah, water. That’s good. Is there a purpose to our “War … Continue reading

Working – written with the active non-cooperation of HTC.

So, after a short interlude, I’m back. No, I didn’t have a holiday. Just too many things on, particularly school holidays, for me to be able to sit down and type sensibly! I said two weeks ago, I think, that I would write something about writing with the new tablet. So here it is. There … Continue reading