Making Movies

Henstill, where the first book was planned and edited!

It’s been an interesting time just recently, which is why you may have noticed that I’ve been noticeable by my absence. Now that my daughter is a well-established teenager, naturally she has realised that her father is a doddery old twit without the brains he was born with. And he needs controlling and managing.It took … Continue reading

YouTube? I Tube

West Henstill House - where I dreamed up Templar Series and which ended up as Simon's home near Sandford

There are some aspects of a writing career that just get in the way. There is no other way to look at it. When I started out (twenty years ago now, God help us!) the job was easy. An author was supposed to write. As my friend Quintin Jardine likes to remind me: “Writers write … Continue reading

Let’s Get Inky

Lots of pens, lots of inks...

A short while ago, the very nice people at Cult Pens suggested I’d like to have some new inks to play with. Who am I to refuse an offer like that? A year ago I started to use Cult Pens’ own Deep Dark Blue ink. This was a colour they designed to match their own logo, … Continue reading