Another Folk Festival Gone

It’s a serious shock when you sit down and realise another year’s gone. Only a little while ago I was sitting down and thinking this year I’ll take the boy onto the moors, sleep over under the stars, have a decent walk. Then again, he was determined to get me fit once more, so his … Continue reading


Thesetwo companies are really going nuclear just now. Amazon wrote a letter to all its Kindle published authors, asking them to write to Hachette for being nasty, and Hachette’s boss has written to all of those who have written to him (be interesting to know how many) with a fairly straightforward response. So who is … Continue reading


Every business needs to have alternatives, don’t they? We’re all told we should diversify. Farmers should break into providing mini-breaks for bed and breakfast guests, while bookshops should sell coffees and restaurants should provide wifi. Diversification is good, clearly. Well, no it ruddy well isn’t for me! As an author, I regularly have to spread … Continue reading

Spam – how do you recognise it?

First, many thanks for all the comments yesterday about my losing a reader. I am very glad to say that the guy is not only very sensible, he’s a deeply honourable fellow as well. I exchanged a series of messages with him during the day yesterday, and he’s changed his mind. He hadn’t seen the comments … Continue reading

Today I Lost a Fan

This is horrible. This morning I got an email from a guy I’ve known a while now. He said that because I was showing my ‘middle finger’ to all my loyal readers and fans, he was going to stop collecting and reading my books. The reason? Some time ago an author in America called Douglas Preston … Continue reading

Compiling a Novel from Scrivener

Yesterday I had a question about Scrivener from Debby. She asked: “My concern is if I work in Scrivener, is there a way I can transfer my work back to Word where I’d like my final document for editing and track change purposes? Could this be done through compiling, or at least by copy and … Continue reading

Victim Law

Today there’s a lot of hoohah about a judge who, while thinking his microphone was off, made a comment. It’s common enough. Comments are common. Especially when that microphone is supposed to be off. Ask any politician. The case involved a family whose 21 year old son was murdered. The case isn’t disputed thus far. … Continue reading

Second Draft

A wiser guy than me once said that all writing is rewriting. I’m well into the second draft of my next book (working title “Calais”), and this is the stage I usually dread: rewriting every line. I love the process of invention. I really, really like sitting down and just imagining a new series of … Continue reading