Give ‘Em A Damn Good Thrashing

Smacking – Ye Gods, I am agreeing with David Lammy! Today he has called for the law to be changed so that parents can once more smack their children. Well, I wasn’t aware that it was illegal to do so (within reason). But I applaud his common sense. Shame so few politicians seem to possess … Continue reading

Social Dependency – Doesn’t Help Anyone

Whenever you hear people talking about the reform of the “Welfare State” it’s usually best to duck, shove on a Kevlar helmet and run for the nearest cover. There are few areas of political life which are used to better effect to empasise the tribal allegiances of political parties. For me, it’s irrelevant because I … Continue reading

Sit back and take the medicine

More on pensions. Are you getting the idea that there’s a certain amount of jealousy here on my part? Today the British Medical Association has declared that they will be ballotting their members on strike action over proposed reforms to the NHS. The BMA is a trade union for doctors and consultants, and it is … Continue reading