Slaves in Workfare

If you want to live here, earn it!

  There is a lot in the press this week about workfare and the idea of poor jobless fellows becoming mindless drones, slaving away at a supermarket’s shelves without decent compensation. Up goes the shout: Slavery! When I was out of work (thirteen times in thirteen years before I employed myself), one of the worst … Continue reading

Blasted BBC Again!

Blasted BBC stupidity once more! There are few things that can reduce me in moments to sheer, gibbering rage, but this one’s got me. Worked in a nanosecond. No, not one of the usual ones. Not politicians claiming their food allowances, not even politicians lying through their teeth. No, this was much, much worse. It’s … Continue reading

Pirates and SOPA

  I don’t think SOPA was well written legislation. In fact I can easily understand why it would have been so unpopular, because it did seem to be a catch-all for any misbehaviour. The UK and USA already have extradition laws in place. There is a fellow, Richard O’Dwyer who is currently fighting his extradition … Continue reading