The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – December 2014

Originally posted on In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel:
December draws to a close and, as we need to squeeze in the review of the year as well, the Puzzly comes a little early this year. Christmas has come and gone – hope it all went well for you too. I’ve got a nice…

Understanding Creative People

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The deep, monotonous grind of daily life can sap the creative urge out of the best of us. We have a lot to do. And creating art can be viewed as wasting time, especially if you aren’t in it for monetary gain. And ultimately, none if us are. Sure, making…

The Sticklepath Strangler by Michael Jecks

Originally posted on In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel:
Sticklepath, Devon, 1315. When a young girl is horribly murdered, with some of her flesh eaten, the village turns on Athelhard, dragging him from his house and executing him in front of his sister. He dies cursing the village and its inhabitants. And the curse…

Computers … Tools for the author

How my desk looked yesterday!

Sorry. There should have been a post yesterday. I try to post blogs on Mondays because – well, it’s my routine. However … I was thinking only the other day that I really ought to try using a typewriter again. There is something about the sight of the old keyboard, and the rhythmic rattle of … Continue reading