Crooks and thieves

I’m going to have to be careful here. This week I received (yet again) another mailshot from British Telecom, or BT as the company prefers to be known. They want me to agree to move my phone and broadband accounts to them. In return, they’ll give me a large discount. Which is nice, isn’t it. … Continue reading

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I have been growing more and more alarmed by the way that the police in Britain appear to be operating as a more and more paramilitary, unregulated force. And it is not a force for good. When I was young, I wanted to join the police. In fact, I tried to (my eyesight wasn’t good … Continue reading

And while in the middle of an edit …

I recently received a book to review: Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris. Now, I should quickly state that I don’t know this lady, except as a delightful correspondent on Twitter, so anything that follows you can assume is not biased. It is one of those books that will work for a lot of people. … Continue reading

Back to the Edit

Today I have settled down to work on the edits of my next book, Fields of Glory, which will be published next summer. Luckily there’s not too much to do, other than remove some unnecessary scenes and tighten some others. I say luckily, because as you can see, this isn’t the shortest book I’ve written! … Continue reading

Back to editing

Watch out for a new blog post on today!