Writing in the Cold!

It is rare indeed that I can wake up, stare out towards the moors, and see snow smothering the top of Cosdon Beacon. This is all wrong. The snows should not continue into April. I am happy enough to wake to the sight of snow in February and March, but those months have gone. I … Continue reading

A New Week

It was just as I finished my last video, which was all about Conway Stewart’s demise, that I had a contact from a wonderful couple of guys who have set up a new company. This firm, called Bespoke British Pens, has been dealing with Onoto and other pens for some time, and now they have bought up … Continue reading

Editing and Paper

I had a question today from a lovely lady in Japan asking whether I usually edit my books on paper. I had put up a photo of my morning desk (which was embarrassing, but I can cope), and prominent on it was the pile of paper that will be my next novel: BLOOD ON THE … Continue reading

Poppies, Remembrance and Reflections.

I mentioned yesterday that my little boy was suffering over an essay he had to write. Well, he was grateful for me sitting down to help him (shortly after helping his big sister with her Compound Interest homeword) and, I’m glad to say that the end result of his labours was good. Mind you, I’m … Continue reading


It’s sad, but very true, that most people hate editing. I do myself. My son thinks that any form of writing is a scheme designed to torture little boys. He is bright, and his brain is perfectly capable of good work, but the simple fact is, he considers any form of writing to be a major … Continue reading

Second Draft

A wiser guy than me once said that all writing is rewriting. I’m well into the second draft of my next book (working title “Calais”), and this is the stage I usually dread: rewriting every line. I love the process of invention. I really, really like sitting down and just imagining a new series of … Continue reading

And while in the middle of an edit …

I recently received a book to review: Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris. Now, I should quickly state that I don’t know this lady, except as a delightful correspondent on Twitter, so anything that follows you can assume is not biased. It is one of those books that will work for a lot of people. … Continue reading

Editors and Editing

Yesterday I had to give a talk to the Society of Editors and Proofreaders – and I had great fun! It is a constant source of astonishment to me, how many people say that they hate editors and all their kind. One friend of mine routinely tells how his was trained by the Gestapo, while … Continue reading