Scams and Thieves

It’s always good to hear from people. A phone call is a wonderful thing. Yesterday, while aimlessly reading about some aspects of history (I won’t bore you) my phone rang, and I picked it up. There was a silence. Now, OK, the silence lasted perhaps five or six seconds, but when you’re thinking of detailed … Continue reading

Cartels – what next for publishing?

The whole idea of preventing cartels is to permit the public to get the cheapest price, always. And it’s a good idea, clearly. Except … Sometimes a cartel may not be a cartel. How about this? Forty years ago, say, a massive international conglomerate decides to increase its profits. It sees a few small companies … Continue reading


I have recently written a modern thriller which is all about the injustices brought about by the – for want of several better words – people at the head of our government. Over this weekend (they were clearly hoping it would be dismissed as an April Fool’s Day joke) the government has let it slip … Continue reading