Review of ROME: THE EAGLE OF THE TWELFTH by Manda Scott

This is the first of a series of reviews I’ll be putting up here. They will tend to be books by friends, and an exercise in log-rolling. They are the books I want to read, rather than those which I am given to review. I hope you enjoy them! Anyway, there are times when you … Continue reading

The Most Crucial Writing Tools

I’ve already had a few enquiries about how easy it is to put new works up on the internet, so thought I’d add a few comments. First, you obviously need a piece of software that will help you to create your work. And most authors will leap to Word immediately. Well, you can use Word. … Continue reading

First Attempt at Epublishing.

At a time when publishing is in such a state of turmoil, the last thing that an experienced author wants to do is set off in a different direction. Which is what I am doing. Still, there are good reasons for it. I want to sell more books. And what is irritating is, I have … Continue reading

Pens, Pencils, Computers – Guess My Favourites

Writing – again. The last few weeks have been really fun. Hard, but fun. I am in the middle of the next book for Simon & Schuster, which is to be an action story based on the Hundred Years War, with the campaign that finally led to Crécy, and I am enjoying it enormously. However, … Continue reading