The Terrors of Computers

There was a time when I was terrified of computers. Not, generally, when I was vaguely aware of the machines as things that chuntered away in big buildings where old men worked, but when I first really encountered them, when I was confronted with boxes painted an indeterminate beige colour in a computer suite. Computers … Continue reading

Just a barbecue

Ok. We all know that authors tend to be slightly soiled folks who shouldn’t be allowed out on their own, and who under no circumstances should be allowed any money of their own, in case they get themselves into all sorts of trouble, but this one wasn’t my fault. You see, I was a little … Continue reading

Welcome to my new blog

Well, good morning to all. This is a new blog to tell a little more about the process of writing, my feelings about publishing and books, a few reviews, and all those other good things that make a writer’s life interesting when he really should be getting on with the next book, and not withering. … Continue reading