BBC and all that

Last week was another busy one. Plenty of writing and planning, but then I had to go up to London to discuss the next books. I am currently on a two book contract. The first of the pair is written and submitted: it’s the last of the Vintener Trilogy, and deals with events ten years … Continue reading

Blogs and Sales!

I have been a keen user of WordPress for some time now. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it lets me blog without having to worry too much about the sillier aspects of updating computers. In short, I like it. But not always. Sometimes you find little irritations and glitches that get in the way. For … Continue reading

Gardening – and Cats

There are times when writing is a sheer dream. Other times, of course, it isn’t. Today I set out with the best of intentions. I managed to subdue the work displacement activities that immediately sprang to mind, and got on with work. Off, first thing, with the dog to keep her quiet while I worked, … Continue reading

A New Diary

A short blog today – there is far too much on for me to spend too much time here. I have, over the years, tried out a load of different types of planner and diary. In between writing a novel or two, you understand. Many years ago, I was determined to keep a diary so … Continue reading

Back to Work!

This has been, without a doubt, the busiest Easter I’ve had since about 1976. When I was a kid, Easter was a big deal. We would all pile into the old man’s car, mother in front, the four brothers behind, and drive off to Devon (we lived in Surrey back then). At Northay Farm, near … Continue reading

The Most Crucial Writing Tools

I’ve already had a few enquiries about how easy it is to put new works up on the internet, so thought I’d add a few comments. First, you obviously need a piece of software that will help you to create your work. And most authors will leap to Word immediately. Well, you can use Word. … Continue reading

Working – written with the active non-cooperation of HTC.

So, after a short interlude, I’m back. No, I didn’t have a holiday. Just too many things on, particularly school holidays, for me to be able to sit down and type sensibly! I said two weeks ago, I think, that I would write something about writing with the new tablet. So here it is. There … Continue reading

Ebooks and Stuff!

Good news potentially, from the Frankfurt Book Fair. Apparently agents are warning of a reckoning to come, because of the low royalties paid to authors. If you want to read more, go and look at The Bookseller for the full article here: Many people have asked me in the last few months why so … Continue reading

Musings on Writing – and Money

It is so tempting, having heard that a second very senior policeman from the Met has decided that his career is better off curtailed, even though he doesn’t see that he did anything wrong, to launch into a long spiel about the newspapers. But I won’t. I have interests in the story, which I’ll explain … Continue reading

I Hate Losing Friends …

I am a pleasant guy. Honest. Look at me. Not terribly shifty, am I? And all I do is write books, after all. I am a very nice fellow. So why have I just ditched several hundred friends and friend requests from Facebook? It is a weird thing, that whereas in the past, authors were … Continue reading