Getting the Ideas Right

This is one of those little posts where I discuss the way that I get things done. Not that my methods will work with everyone. They certainly won’t! However, if you are trying to write up a report for the boss, or get ideas down for an important essay, or even a dissertation, and you just … Continue reading

Compiling a Novel from Scrivener

Yesterday I had a question about Scrivener from Debby. She asked: “My concern is if I work in Scrivener, is there a way I can transfer my work back to Word where I’d like my final document for editing and track change purposes? Could this be done through compiling, or at least by copy and … Continue reading

The Most Crucial Writing Tools

I’ve already had a few enquiries about how easy it is to put new works up on the internet, so thought I’d add a few comments. First, you obviously need a piece of software that will help you to create your work. And most authors will leap to Word immediately. Well, you can use Word. … Continue reading

First Attempt at Epublishing.

At a time when publishing is in such a state of turmoil, the last thing that an experienced author wants to do is set off in a different direction. Which is what I am doing. Still, there are good reasons for it. I want to sell more books. And what is irritating is, I have … Continue reading

Working – written with the active non-cooperation of HTC.

So, after a short interlude, I’m back. No, I didn’t have a holiday. Just too many things on, particularly school holidays, for me to be able to sit down and type sensibly! I said two weeks ago, I think, that I would write something about writing with the new tablet. So here it is. There … Continue reading

RIP Steve Jobs

OK. Steve Jobs. Now, I have never met the man, and yes, I admire him. He took a pretty screwy idea, and set up a small company in his parents’ home. He created the Apple computers. I had some experience of them. The old Apple IIe used to grace a table in my parent’s home, … Continue reading

Writing – Tools and materials.

Time was, you’d write a book by buying a pencil and a lot of paper. Not everyone, of course, would do it that way. Some folks went to steel nibbed pens and ink with their paper. That was a little new-fangled, of course. Then you got the modern habit of buying gizmos. People learned of … Continue reading

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Where do the ideas come from? I was once sitting in Crediton Church (which I can heartily recommend) and listening to Exeter Chamber Choir giving a redition of Faure’s Requiem, when I suddenly had a flash of inspiration: a scene sprang into my mind of a number of scruffy, ill-armed, but violent ruffians swooping down … Continue reading