A New Diary

A short blog today – there is far too much on for me to spend too much time here. I have, over the years, tried out a load of different types of planner and diary. In between writing a novel or two, you understand. Many years ago, I was determined to keep a diary so … Continue reading

Authors and PLR

Authors and Money When a new book comes out, it’s not all wine and roses, sadly. Sometimes – I know this is hard to believe – people expect authors to go out and do some work. I’ve been pretty busy since TEMPLAR’S ACRE came out, because of signings and wandering the streets aimlessly, and also … Continue reading

The Best Thing About a New Book

It’s a good feeling to publish a new book. People in shops want to know about it, readers want to ask where to buy it, fans want to know how to get a signed copy, and all over the place there are happy faces. There are few people happier than the author – but there … Continue reading


So, here we are, in the launch week of another Templar Series story. But this time it’s going back in time to the siege of Acre, my first prequel to explain why Baldwin became the man he did. It was huge fun to write this book. The main story was complicated to work through, but … Continue reading


Originally posted on Quintin Jardine's blog:
I admit to being slightly underwhelmed by reports in recent days of Parliamentarians and their ‘availability’ to lobbyists. This is old news, and not worth the fuss that’s being made. While it’s all a bit seedy, nobody died, and nobody appears to be lying. Apart from . .…