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This is a page in which I’ll be updating my latest YouTube clips about my books and writing. I’ve a YouTube page here where you can find more!




4 Responses to “Videos and Interviews”
  1. John Strickland says:

    Curled up on a bright and sunny Ottawa morning reading King’s Gold and loving it. So glad to hear your glucose has gone down. I’ve been type 2 for about 12 years, and after 10 years of excellent results I find my glucose is soaring out of control. Hope you can one day post on writerly witterings about your experience. While I am under a doctor’s care, any encouraging information is always useful!


    • Hi, John, and thanks for the comment. I’ll hope to get something up before too long (got to finish the latest book first). All I would say is, if you’re seeing things spiralling out of control, have you looked at a low carbohydrate diet? I’ve been on that for a year, and as a result I’ve already had to halve my metformin prescription, and we’ll be reviewing it in another few weeks to see if I can reduce it further, and potentially come off it completely. Sorry if you’ve already been on this route, but I’m finding that many people haven’t heard of the reduced carbohydrate diet. This is an introduction:


      • John Strickland says:

        Thanks so much! I will check this out!



      • Not a problem. I should just say that when I was diagnosed last year my HbA1C was 114, so ludicrously over the top. After dieting it’s come down to about 45. I hope it could do the same for you.


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