Modern Books, ebooks and Writing

Writing books is a funny way to try to earn a crust. Authors are expected to be slightly odd characters (and most of us can live up – or down – to that), with peculiar insights which can be gained only by using illegal drugs or by excessive quantities of legal ones. I tend to … Continue reading

Review: The Church of Fear

The Church of Fear – Inside the Weird World of Scientology, by John Sweeney (@johnsweeneyroar) – is a stunning read. This book is an in-depth analysis of an investigation into the Scientologists (I cannot give them the title of “Church” because I do not believe an organisation so focussed on money should be given that … Continue reading

Review: The Queen’s Vow – C.W.Gortner

One of the odd things through the year for me is receiving books, unannounced, from publishers who hope for kind words about a book. They’ll often be from a publisher I don’t have any involvement with (like this: Hodder), from people I’ve never met, and with books from people I don’t know, haven’t met, and … Continue reading

Glocks, Brownings and Delays

I was listening to the radio this morning and thinking what a joy it was to hear something sensible on guns. For a bit. Well, it made a change. The trouble is, journalists really do have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The piece began by saying that the British Army has at … Continue reading

The Next Big Thing …

  And now: the Next Big Thing – ten questions in ten minutes. Not such an easy concept for an author who spends his time thinking carefully about what he should be writing, revising, editing, and then throwing it away and starting again. Which is actually what happened here, because I carefully wrote what I … Continue reading