Alibis in the Archives at Gladstone’s Library

There are times when writing seems a doddle, and other times when all you want to do is sit down and write, but these other things get in the way … I was very grateful to be invited to the annual Alibis in the Archive event, part of Gladfest at the Gladstone Library. For one … Continue reading

Review: The Devil in the Marshalsea by Antonia Hodgson

ISBN: 9781444775433 This is a nice change for me. It feels as though I’ve become a modernist, reading this. I’ve been transported from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. This book is the winner of the 2014 CWA Historical Dagger Award, I’m told. Tom Hawkins, the wayward son of a country curate has been living … Continue reading

A Winter Kill – Review

One of the really great things about travelling to the US and Canada is having the chance to discover new writers I’d never usually meet. And the last trip to Canada was one of those opportunities I couldn’t miss. Although it’s not easy to carry home roughly twenty books, I did manage it. I’ve already … Continue reading

Orange Prize

Today I heard that the Orange Prize – well, it’s not. Not any more. A pleading, sad-sounding Kate Mosse was on the Today Programme making a case for how good a bargain the prize was, and any sponsor would make a fortune. She has my sympathy. When I was Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association … Continue reading

Ten Deadly Sins of Entering Competitions

This week, the competition run by Simon & Schuster for a Michael Jecks Detection Collection pen from Conway Stewart as been won, by Michael Chidley. Congratulations to Michael, and sorry to all those who didn’t win the pen. You’ll just have to save your pennies! Thinking of competitions, I was reminded of the old CWA … Continue reading

Crime Writers’ Association

The Crime Writers Association has been a group I have long enjoyed being a member of. I was inordinately proud to be elected as Chairman (and panic-stricken, I hasten to add), because it’s had such a brilliant history. Not many people have ever heard of the CWA unless they’re in the business of publishing books, … Continue reading