Orange Prize

Today I heard that the Orange Prize – well, it’s not. Not any more. A pleading, sad-sounding Kate Mosse was on the Today Programme making a case for how good a bargain the prize was, and any sponsor would make a fortune. She has my sympathy. When I was Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association … Continue reading


No, I don’t like the Olympics. Today, the ‘torch’ is near to home, in Okehampton. Because of that, large numbers of people are thronging the streets (I imagine – obviously I’m here at my desk). It’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, I am told. It’ll never happen again, I am told. Good. The Black … Continue reading

Writing Tips: In Praise of Editors – or – Where to Research?

OK. This is a subject I’ve moaned about before, but still, here goes. It’s more interesting in so many ways than the latest grief to hit the Eurozone. Research is always a hot button. ‘Can you help me? I’m looking for …’ is one of the most common questions I get – at least once … Continue reading

Testing Times – Writing for the Web

It was a while ago I decided that I’d have to test the digital waters. At present a few of my books are up there on the web. I’ve the first six or so titles available through the HarperCollins imprint Avon Books in the US, and the more recent books are all on the internet … Continue reading