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Every so often I publish a book. And every so often the publisher will send me author copies. These are a lovely pile of mint condition books that I can give to family and friends. But I can also buy in copies – not as cheaply as Amazon, so I can’t equal their prices – but it does mean that I can sell some signed editions with a signature.

Pricing will vary depending on your location. In the UK, to post a hardback generally costs about £2.80 (2nd class) or £3.20 (1st class), while books posted to Europe will  cost £8.05, books sent to America will cost roughly £13.  For multiple orders, please contact me directly here or fill in a contact comment below. I can arrange copies to be shipped in bulk – although sometimes this doesn’t save you anything!

For a free download e-book short story please check my site at where you will see a book called The Boy’s Revenge. It is a free book – I hope you enjoy it. There is also a wonderful compendium issued by Headline that includes all the first chapters of the books which Headline publish. You can find that

For those who are interested, I have these books available just now:

Blood on the Sand

This is the second in my Hundred Wars trilogy, which I call my Vintener Series, following the exploits of a vintaine of soldiers after the campaign of Crécy. In this story they are taken on to the siege of Calais. A thrilling period, with so much courage and brutality displayed on all sides.

This book is recently published in the UK in trade paperback and each copy will come with a signature and inscription. Postage is as above. Very limited stocks, so do please call early to avoid disappointment!

Act of Vengeance

And this is what it'll look like!

And this is what it’ll look like!

My first modern day novel, set in America, with a solitary English spy, one of the famed “Scavengers”, whose job it was to clear up the mess after less competent agents. After leaving the Service under a cloud, this agent has been given one last job. A simple task. An agent has committed suicide, and there is a concern that he might have some writings left with him: writings that would embarrass the British government and possibly America too. If he has kept records, the scavenger must find them and bring them in or destroy them. It’s not a difficult mission. He should be able to cope.

Lee Child read it and said “An instant classic British spy novel – mature, thoughtful, and intelligent … but also raw enough for our modern times. Highly recommended.”

Act of Vengeance is currently an ebook, but 100 limited edition copies are to be printed in hardback. All will be numbered and signed by me. To register your interest in this book, please contact me or leave me a comment below.

Backlist Titles and Collectibles

For the early books, I do have one copy of each hardcover in pristine condition. They are very collectible, being the original first editions from a very limited print run, and are highly sought after, hence the prices. Since they are the very last copies of each title that I will be able to sell, I do have to put a high premium on them. There are other copies available which are a little cheaper, but these books prices are based on the fact that they have my personal library mark, that they are in perfect condition, and that they are irreplaceable.

For the paperbacks, I keep stock of some, but they do regularly sell out. I will try to keep stock available up here on the page, but being an author, I regularly fail to keep to administrative targets!

For full details of postage and packing prices, please contact me.

Please note that all books will come with a signature by the author and a personalised message can be added, although it is not recommended for the hardbacks. The collectors’ market require the author’s signature but no further inscription. “To Fred” written by the author will affect the book’s value. Thus for the collectable hardbacks (you can see which they are from their price!) will have any personalised inscription separately on a card or note from me.

Now take a look. Some prices are not for the faint-hearted!

The Last Templar

Paperback                   Sold out

The Merchant’s Partner

Paperback                  Sold Out

A Moorland Hanging

Paperback                  Sold Out

The Crediton Killings

Paperback                  £8.99

The Abbot’s Gibbet

Paperback                  £8.99

The Leper’s Return

Paperback                  £8.99

Squire Throwleigh’s Heir

Paperback                  £8.99

Belladonna at Belstone

Paperback                  £8.99

The Traitor of St Giles

Paperback                  £8.99

The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker

Paperback                   £8.99

The Tournament of Blood

Paperback                    £8.99

The Sticklepath Strangler

Paperback                     £8.99

The Devil’s Acolyte

Paperback                     £8.99

The Mad Monk of Gidleigh

Paperback                    £8.99

The Templar’s Penance

Paperback                    £8.99

The Outlaws of Ennor

Paperback                     £8.99

The Tolls of Death

Paperback                      £8.99

The Chapel of Bones

Paperback                       £8.99

The Butcher of St Peter’s

Paperback                        £8.99

Friar’s Bloodfeud

Paperback                        £8.99

The Death Ship of Dartmouth 

Paperback                        £8.99

The Malice of Unnatural Death

Paperback                        £8.99

The Dispensation of Death

Paperback                         £8.99

The Templar, The Queen and Her Lover

Paperback                          £8.99

The Prophecy of Death

Paperback                          £8.99

The King of Thieves

Paperback                           £8.99

Trade Paperback               £12.99

No Law in the Land

Paperback                           £8.99

Trade Paperback               £12.99

Bishop Must Die

Paperback                          £8.99

Trade Paperback              £12.99

The Oath

Paperback                           £8.99

Trade Paperback               £31

The King’s Gold

Paperback                          £8.99

Trade Paperback              £12.99

The City of Fiends

Paperback                          £8.99

Trade Paperback              £12.99

Templar’s Acre

Paperback                          £8.99

Trade Paperback

100 Year War: Vintener Series

Fields of  Glory

Hardback                            £20

Trade Paperback               £13.99

Paperback                           £8.99

Blood on the sand

Trade Paperback                £14.99

Titles with Medieval Murderers:


Sword of Shame                 £25

King Arthur’s Bones          £20


House of Shadows             £8.99      

Lost Prophecies                 £8.99

King Arthur’s Bones         £8.99

The Deadliest Sin             £8.99

Trade Paperback

Sword of Shame                 £12.99

House of Shadows             £12.99

Lost Prophecies                 £12.99

King Arthur’s Bones         £12.99

The Deadliest Sin              £12.99

2 Responses to “Books for Sale”
  1. Dear Sir,
    I would like to express and interest in two copies of Act of Vengence. I’m also interested in buying some of your other books but perhaps I can email you separately.
    I’m a massive Medieval Murders fan and new (very small) bookseller.
    Many thanks for your time.
    Kind wishes


    • Hello, Valerie – sorry for the delay. My brother from NZ has been staying and rather held up my usual routines! Sadly, although I’d like to sell you a couple of copies of ACT, I haven’t got any hard copies. The book is ebook only for now, although I’ve had a lot of demand for it. As soon as I can, I’ll get it produced as a hardback, but I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient! Really sorry.


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