Welcome to my new blog

Well, good morning to all. This is a new blog to tell a little more about the process of writing, my feelings about publishing and books, a few reviews, and all those other good things that make a writer’s life interesting when he really should be getting on with the next book, and not withering.

Today being a Monday, of course, the most important thing uppermost in my mind is lunch, along with all the things I did over the weekend. That is the trouble with being left alone to write. It’s quiet, and the mind will keep wandering into strange little alleys unbidden. But sometimes it’s good. Occasionally you cannot help focus on an interesting scene. And I think as soon as I stop typing on the iPad and get back to my main keyboard, I may find the rough seas off the coast near Tripoli may come back into view again. Because that is what I am concentrating on today. The beginning of book 32 in my series.

Is it really 32 books in the series now? It hardly seems possible that I’ve written so many. All of them carefully constructed with strong crime plots, too. The trouble is, 32 is in a slightly different vein. It is the prequel to the main series, the first of a pair that detail how my main character, Sir Baldwin de Furnshill, became the man he grew into. It’s a big project, and daunting, but thrilling too. I only hope I can write the vision well so that the ideas in my head work well on paper.

Right, best get on with it. So, the sea off the coast, a galley from Genoa, and a Pisano raider.

I like it already!

2 Responses to “Welcome to my new blog”
  1. Jules says:

    No 32 sounds interesting Mike – always good to hear a character’s back story. How old will he be in the new one?


    • For the prequel Baldwin’s going to be sixteen going on seventeen, so ideal for a young lad. He’s had his basic training from age seven, and he’s a grown man, so perfect for a crusader going to fight for his faith. All good fun!


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