Victim Law

Today there’s a lot of hoohah about a judge who, while thinking his microphone was off, made a comment. It’s common enough. Comments are common. Especially when that microphone is supposed to be off. Ask any politician. The case involved a family whose 21 year old son was murdered. The case isn’t disputed thus far. … Continue reading

Give ‘Em A Damn Good Thrashing

Smacking – Ye Gods, I am agreeing with David Lammy! Today he has called for the law to be changed so that parents can once more smack their children. Well, I wasn’t aware that it was illegal to do so (within reason). But I applaud his common sense. Shame so few politicians seem to possess … Continue reading

Crime and punishment revisited

I find it really sad to listen to the radio sometimes. Today I heard so much twaddle, I had to turn it off. Again. There are politicians who are honourable and quite bright, but they do appear to be few and far between. Some, like Ken Clarke, are pretty unambiguous in their opinions, and he … Continue reading


One of the guys who tried to incite other people to riot. Nice guy. Ok, I know I’ve been muttering darkly about executions and punishment recently, but this one gets me going. Two young guys were sentenced to four years each, and suddenly the liberal press has gone into overdrive. Screams of “disproportionate” can be … Continue reading

To Birch or not to Birch?

Ok, this one will probably get me some irritated responses, but what the heck. When I was ten or eleven, I can clearly remember the day when it was announced that coporal punishment was to be banned from school. The reasons were obvious enough to any thinking adult. First, how can a grown up smack … Continue reading