Review of A LOVE LIKE BLOOD  By Marcus Sedgewick

Published by Mulholland Books Paperback ISBN 9781444751925 price at £7.99 It is rare to pick up a book by an author one hasn’t read or heard of before, and to be so entirely blown away by the quality of the writing and the plot. I was sent this book in a pile of books to … Continue reading

Complaints and Reviews

I’m just back from a trip to Belstone, talking on video about BELLADONNA AT BELSTONE. And while talking about BaB, I was struck by some of the things that stick in my mind. It’s not the usual old rant. There are people, generally, who love to point out errors in an author’s research, for example. … Continue reading

Review: The Queen’s Vow – C.W.Gortner

One of the odd things through the year for me is receiving books, unannounced, from publishers who hope for kind words about a book. They’ll often be from a publisher I don’t have any involvement with (like this: Hodder), from people I’ve never met, and with books from people I don’t know, haven’t met, and … Continue reading

Review of ROME: THE EAGLE OF THE TWELFTH by Manda Scott

This is the first of a series of reviews I’ll be putting up here. They will tend to be books by friends, and an exercise in log-rolling. They are the books I want to read, rather than those which I am given to review. I hope you enjoy them! Anyway, there are times when you … Continue reading