Templar’s Acre

Just a short taster, folks. The next book in the Templar series is the prequel, Templar’s Acre, a story all about the early years of Baldwin de Furnshill and his time as a pilgrim in the Holy Land. It’s not a crime story, but an adventure story of his time out in the wildest, most dangerous toehold remaining to the Christians, and I personally love it. It’s grim in parts, full of excitement, and includes several characters I really enjoyed. Hopefully all those who enjoyed the series so far will like this too, and with luck even more people will be brought into the fold by the story.

I really like this new cover - bold and strong!

I really like this new cover – bold and strong!

Templar’s Acre will be published on 6th June, both in the UK and USA. Book it now!

5 Responses to “Templar’s Acre”
  1. Nice one MIke. Prequels are good. First person?


    • No, actually I kept to the original format with third person. I’ve always been happier with that, although I have ideas for a new modern that would need first person POV. Hope life’s good in the frozen north or warm and fragrant south, wherever you are!


  2. Blowing a gale in the north.


  3. akhenkhan says:

    Lots of luck with it Michael :)


  4. Tasha Turner says:

    Love the cover. May the book be a success.


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