Chronodex from Scription

Yesterday I put up a blogpost that managed to garner some 500 hits in the afternoon, to my surprise. It seems that I’m not the only guy who likes to fiddle and have a new diary format. I did not invent the Chronodex, and so I didn’t want to put up a downloadable version. However, … Continue reading


There are some tools which make sense to individuals but don’t for other people. I personally love my Apple computers (when they work) and my Nikon DSLR. I adore fountain pens and ink, and I love my Midori – oh, and my strange diary. Years ago when I was a salesman, I used to have a diary. … Continue reading

A New Diary

A short blog today – there is far too much on for me to spend too much time here. I have, over the years, tried out a load of different types of planner and diary. In between writing a novel or two, you understand. Many years ago, I was determined to keep a diary so … Continue reading

What a week!

I have never tried to keep a diary before. It’s one of those tasks that has passed me by. Generally, I’ve always thought that they are journals for people with too much time on their hands. Time … How to organise it, how to make best use of it. These are questions which are always … Continue reading