Itinerary US trip 12th – 21st February

I have had a few people asking when and where I’ll be when I go to America this week, so here’s a short summary.

I fly in to New Orleans on Wednesday 12th in the evening. I’m honoured to have been invited to be the Grand Marshal of the parade of the Krewe of Little Rascals. I’m enormously grateful to Jack Spittler for arranging my invitation.

I understand my job will be to ride a float and hurl various gifts to the folks lining the parade. It’s not something I’ve done since my days at university in London, when I was on the float for the Royal Company of Saddlers, and I’m looking forward to it enormously. Usually I expect to have things thrown at me!

On the Saturday, I’m visiting the Barnes and Noble store at 3271 Veterans’ Boulevard, Metairie. It’ll be my first visit to a B&N in eight or nine years, and I’m looking forward to that immensely.

Then, on Monday 17th, I’ll be flying off to Greenville-Spartanburg.

On Tuesday I’m giving a talk to Lander University (it’s open to the public, so come if you can), organised by Connie Edwards. She and I almost met many years ago, when I was over in Ball State University with a literary festival, but her car broke down on her way there, so we never got to meet. Well, at last we shall get to see each other this year! I am vastly grateful to her for all her hard work getting this sorted.

On Wednesday I’ll be found loitering around from Ryan’s to Howard’s on Main, while on Thursday I’ll be off to another signing: this time at B&N’s store on Haywood Road. With luck I’ll see some of you there as well.

After all that, it’s back to the UK for the weekend ready for the next bunch of students. I’m not sure what condition I’ll be in for them, but hey ho. I’m a free resource!

I’m hugely looking forward to getting away for a few days, meeting American readers and writers, getting inside some American book shops and seeing what is sparking interest, sketching some scenes, spending ages photographing New Orleans buildings and streets, and (what else?) visiting a pistol range and playing with some grown-up toys again. All in all, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered because as I look out of my window now, all I can see is rain-lashed trees and grey skies!

So, with luck I will see you while I’m in America. If not, be reassured. Book 33 is ready on the blocks and will be out in hardback in the summer, and if you want to return to past books and new technology, all 32 books in the Templar series as well as Act of Vengeance will be available as ebooks from 27th February!

This is turning into a big year for me!

13 Responses to “Itinerary US trip 12th – 21st February”
  1. Don’t throw too hard, you Big Rascal. You know how litigious these people can be.


  2. Ace Kincaid says:

    E-Books are fine, but i want the entire series as hardback… i am borrowing your Knights templar series from my mom… ;-) love the series and can’t wait fer the next one.


    • Ah well, you can collect them all, but it’s a costly project! Look at my “Boss for Sale” page. So few of the early ones were printed that they’re worth a fortune now!


  3. Old Trooper says:

    Wishing you well and safety on your journey!


  4. Debbie says:

    Louisiana and North Carolina don”t help – when are you coming to Chicago???????


  5. Fuplup says:

    Why didn’t I know about this before I had a back fusion surgery last Tuesday? Otherwise, I’d be in the NO area hoping to be thrown a trinket by the Grand Marshall of the Krewe of Little Rascals. (Still scratching my head about the reason why French-Americans would invite a British writer to Mardi Gras who made the French appear foolish in his excellent books.) Enjoy the holiday.


  6. connie edwards says:

    Michael Jecks was the toast of the town in Greenwood SC. Now considered the favorite literary
    son of the South, he held the city spell bound with his radio report on all things Jecks. There is
    now an e-book fan club that will be meeting and discussing his books and writing style at Aromas
    Coffee Shop. (Michael’s favorite watering hole) Lander University students have come out in
    full force to become part of the Jecks Readers. What fun!!!


    • Old Trooper says:

      Your message just popped up (electricity must be slow). Glad to hear about new fans! Now back to Lord Wimsey until you have something new out.


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