Why I have no option

The thoughts of a friend of mine, and a man with a deep love for, and understanding of, his people and country.
I admire Quintin hugely, and respect his views, but I disagree with his conclusion.
I firmly believe that Scotland breaking away will have a negative effect on the British Isles. It will, like all divorces, be rancorous and lead to resentment on both sides of the border.
Worst of all, it is a decision being taken by people who assume in good faith that their own leaders will in some way be better than those in Westminster.
However, the people leading Scotland will be exactly the same as those in Westminster today. Malcolm Rifkind, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and all the others are Westminster politicians. They all also went through the Scottish education system, as did so many others.
Divorce from the UK won’t bring about radical political improvements. It’ll be run by the same incompetents and charlatans as Westminster.
I still remember the first vote taken by the new Scottish Parliament. It was: to increase the income of the Members of the Scottish Parliament.

Quintin Jardine's blog

I was born in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, somewhere between VE-Day and VJ-Day, at the drawn-out end of WWII. My home town made steel; it was sustained by the mills, even before the establishment of the Ravenscraig plant that dominated it for decades. It was a sectarian society, make no mistake about it; the religious divide was strictly observed, with us in our schools and them in theirs, and my parents while not bigoted in any way, had been raised within that framework and were part of it. I was nine years old before I met and played with a Roman Catholic child. His name was Phil McKeown; he joined our gang during the sumer holidays and was welcomed because he was a nice kid. It was only in August when we were all returning to school that he told us that he went to Park Street. Looking back, Phil was probably the first Liberal I ever met.

Sectarianism didn’t…

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2 Responses to “Why I have no option”
  1. That may be the case, Mike, but they’ll be OUR incompetents and charlatans.


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