Books for Christmas!

Well, I hate to remind you, but it is coming close to that time of year again. Christmas.lepersreturn_paperback_1471126374_72

Now, of course, I mean that it’s time to go out and make someone happy. Giving presents is a heart-warming thing. It produces a feeling of well-being, an atmosphere of happiness, a sense that all is right in the world.

moorlandhang_paperback_1471126471_72No, not you: I’m talking about the author you’re buying from!

Because I am like many authors. I have books here to sell. If you’re in any doubt, I can put together some photos of all the books clogging my office.

I have a wide selection of books, both new and old, ready to find happy homes. They can go very well into parents’ houses or aunts’ and uncles’. Truth be told, they’d fit contentedly into a house like yours.

So, because it’s nearly Christmas, kill two birds with one stone. Buy some books from me to give to your friends and loved ones – or drop some unsubtle hints into the ears of your relations about what you’d like. Contact me via  and I’ll get right back to you.squirethrowl_paperback_1471126358_72

FTLoOBGo on: you know it makes sense!

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