The Sticklepath Strangler by Michael Jecks

How could I not reblog this? Excellent review of Sticklepath Strangler!

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

SticklepathSticklepath, Devon, 1315. When a young girl is horribly murdered, with some of her flesh eaten, the village turns on Athelhard, dragging him from his house and executing him in front of his sister. He dies cursing the village and its inhabitants. And the curse appears to be coming true – as the years pass, more young girls die. It seems that the village is plagued by a sanguisugae – a vampire.

Summer, 1322, and when the body of ten-year-old Aline is discovered, the deaths become public knowledge and Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock are summoned to investigate. They soon find that more than just young girls have disappeared in the past few years… and the curse is still stalking the land. As the inhabitants of the village struggle to keep their secrets hidden, the killer strikes again. And again. And again…

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One Response to “The Sticklepath Strangler by Michael Jecks”
  1. Tonya Mathis says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this series. But this book has always been my favorite, so far.

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