Holiday Blues

Writing is hard enough without the interruptions.

I have, this week, to write a significant chunk of one novel, complete a short story, write the synopsis and outline for another, and gather ideas for a third. I have to also read a book, with another to read next week, and write up reviews. I have to do all this as well as the standard chores: walking the dog, making videos, writing this blog.

And just now, all I can hear is the sound of a son laughing uproariously at the TV while he watches the recording of James May slaughtering Action Men in his attempt to launch an Action Man astronaut high into the sky and allow him to parachute to the ground. It was a very funny programme. I remember it. It was so funny, I’d love to go and watch it again.

However, the problem with writing is, there is a discipline involved. And that discipline is essential. If you don’t sit down and write, the words won’t appear. So I have to sit here and type.

Very cold week

I should be out walking!

I am 20,000 words into the novel. I have a feeling it’ll end up as about 100,000 in total, so I have about six weeks of writing, followed by the inevitable edits. It’s a tight deadline because the next book has to be complete for middle of June. And then I’ll (hopefully) write either a new Baldwin and Simon story, or I’ll crack on with a modern spy sequel to Act of Vengeance. It’s hard to tell just now what will be the best route and option.

I am trying to do this while the lad gurgles with hilarity two rooms away.

Have a great week, folks, but spare a thought for this poor struggling author trying to work …

8 Responses to “Holiday Blues”
  1. annswinfen says:

    Completely in sympathy with this, Michael. I’m about 15,000 words into my next book (goal c. 100,000) and my husband has a new laptop which is giving him grief. He keeps wandering in looking mournful and wanting me to fix something. So I keep losing the thread. AND I have two guest blogs and my own blog before the end of the month, plus a book review for a book I haven’t even received yet, plus a Skype interview with the States on Friday. BTW, thanks for mentioning Winter Siege. I’m about two-thirds through and enjoying it very much.


  2. Jack Eason says:

    Try sticking cotton wool in your ears and wearing blinkers. Sorry ;)


  3. Dan DiBiase says:

    I think you need to have Baldwin give the boy a glare to calm him down….. ;-)


  4. Laura says:

    I wish I had even a third of your discipline. I bought one of those “sorry we are closed” signs for my room to stop visitations by family members with requests and questions. They simply don’t understand how hard writing is. I like to put on some great music and write away. Or I’ll need to find a remote hut somewhere to write. Happy writing Michael.


  5. I suppose, you can look at it from a different angle! You’re staying busy!! And staying busy means staying paid! Hunker down, you can do it! And you will, because you must. Great post! Keep going!

    Liked by 1 person

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