My mother - always with at least one dog!

My mother – always with at least one dog!

I’m in the middle of preparing for an interview with Simon Scarrow this evening at Plymouth International Book Festival. I’ve admired Simon’s work for years now, although I’ve never had a chance to meet him before, so this is going to be great fun, talking to him about his writing, his latest books, and anything else that takes our fancy. If you can get there, please join us.

The rest of the week … well, it’ll be less fun. I’m working flat out on one book to get it finished in good time, which is fine, but on Friday we have my mother’s funeral.

As you’d expect, it’s going to be a melancholy occasion. She was adored by all of us in her family, of course, but she had a wide circle of additional friends, too. Although it’ll be good to meet them again and reminisce, there will always be the hard truth that this is the first big family and friends gathering that I’ve ever been to where she won’t be joining in.

Still, she  brought a lot of happiness, and it’ll be good to try to remember all the good times and allow memories of the last illness to fade a little.

Onwards, as they say.

6 Responses to “Quickly!”
  1. Lindsey Russell says:

    People often think of the West Country as stuck out on a limb – and I don’t mean just geographically – but more seems to go on down there than here!


  2. Best wishes for Friday, it will take a little time for the illness memories to fade, it was 3 yrs for me when my Mum went, but they will eventually, and you’ll have your great Mum memories back and enjoy them. :) Have a fun night with Mr.Scarrow :)


  3. Kay Samuelson says:

    I am sorry to hear about your mother. I love the picture of her with her dog; she looks like someone I would have liked very much, since my dearest friend was definitely a dog person. You are right; it does hurt to lose parents. I still miss mine so much. Take care.


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