And so, back to work…

This has been a strange weekend. So full of fun and enjoyment, but all shot through with melancholy.

On the 4th of October, Beryl Joan Jecks, mother to four boys and foster-mother to Caroline, died. It was unpleasant seeing such a happy, vibrant lady fade away.

The funeral was held on Friday. It was hard, as you would expect, but more than a hundred people came to help celebrate her life, and that was a comfort. My father gave a typically up-beat and amusing eulogy for her, the wine flowed, and the family and all our friends enjoyed reminiscing.

Four sons and Dad

Four sons and Dad

Saturday we had a special family meal. Sixteen of us met and enjoyed a meal, with a lot of laughter. We brothers told of our memories of an idyllic childhood and some of the injuries that were inflicted (on each other). Our eldest, Alan, was the recipient of much of the condemnation – with good reason! But then the next generation took command of the conversation, perhaps to save them the embarrassment of their elders (not betters), and we all had a wonderful evening.

Oldest brother reminded of his exploits with his air rifle

Oldest brother reminded of his exploits with his air rifle

It was the perfect celebration of the woman who invested so much of her time and energy in making our family the strong and supportive clan that it has become!

However, now I am back at work. I have the last few bits and pieces of the latest book to complete. As soon as that’s finished I’ll have the editor’s comments on the book tentatively called POITIERS, and then the new book on Templars and the Crusades. Oh, yes, and two manuscripts that are screaming to be edited – and a new idea for a follow up to ACT OF VENGEANCE that I’m desperate to get to work on.

This next year isn’t going to be any less busy than past ones.

And now it is time to crack on with the book. Which is going to be interesting this week – half term for school means I have a little monster demanding attention and help!

Have a great week.

Dad, Oldest and Youngest Brother

Dad, Oldest and Youngest Brother

10 Responses to “And so, back to work…”
  1. Austin Hackney says:

    Michael, I was thinking about you over the weekend.

    I’m glad that you all gave your Mum such a splendid ‘send off.’ I’m so glad for your father, that he has his close-knit and supportive family around him at this incredibly difficult time. You will all miss your mother, but he most keenly of all. I hope that the wounds of loss will heal quickly and the fond memories only will remain.

    I’m glad you’re getting that Poitiers book finished up, too – I’m waiting for it! ;)


    • Cheers, mate. Yes, it was a good weekend. We gave her a good send-off, and the happier memories are the ones that have been reinforced, I’m glad to say. Poitiers? That’s with the editors now. It’ll be ready for May. And the editor sounds really happy with it!


  2. I’m sorry for your loss. Your family with its mix of generations is wonderfully warm and supportive. Your Ma did good. May she lend a spiritual hand as you “get back to work.” All the best.


  3. cazzas says:

    I was thinking of you, Michael…take care.


  4. Glad the whole thing was a positive experience, and am looking forward to the new books!


    • Thanks, Fraggle. Yes, it was a terrible Friday (interspersed with lots of joy) and a wonderful Saturday. I almost felt guilty at enjoying myself so much, but then Mum would have wanted that, so it’s okay.

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  5. Tracey Marie says:

    Sounds like you gave your Mum a wonderful send off and what a great tribute to her. Now as you say back to work and you’ve got lots to look forward to and I’m sure your Mum will be lending a guiding hand.
    Good luck with the manuscripts etc.


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