The Chapel Of Bones by Michael Jecks

Very glad for this excellent reviewer’s hard work! Thanks, Puzzle Doc!

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Chapel Of Bones 2One dark night in 1283, Exeter Cathedral was stormed by a band of men and Walter de Lecchelade, the Chaunter, was brutally murdered. Many men paid for that night – either they were executed for crimes, either their’s or someone else’s, or else their sins have haunted them for the past forty years. Some left Exeter, some stayed, some profited, some suffered… but now, in 1323, some of the participants from that night have terror have returned to the city.

As construction continues to expand the cathedral, Saul, a mason, is crushed by a falling block of masonry. While that is surely an accident, the second death is undoubtedly murder. One of the participants of the night of terror lies dead, and Sir Baldwin Furnshill, plagued by his own guilt, and Simon Puttock need to find the killer before they strike again…

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  1. Great review I thought. I have to say I’m reading all this series one after the other, and though other books are on my radar, I’m not feeling inclined to have a break and pursue them as yet. I applaud your skills at drawing the reader into this world and making the characters that inhabit it so compelling to follow. 😊


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