The Butcher Of St Peter’s by Michael Jecks

Another excellent review by the Puzzle Doctor! Many thanks, PD!

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

The Butcher Of St PetersExeter, August 1317, and Estmund Webber is grieving. His daughter has died and his wife has committed suicide. And an altercation as he tries to bury his wife not only cripples his friend but shatters his mind.

November 1323, and Estmund limps his way through life. But his nights are spent watching over the children of Exeter – creeping into their rooms and standing guard as they sleep. But one night, Daniel, sergeant of the city, confronts an intruder in his children’s bedroom and ends up dead. Has Estmund’s mind broken so far that he would resort to murder – or did another hand slay Daniel.

Sir Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King’s Peace is still recuperating in the city and finds himself drawn into the investigation. But with the country about to tip into another civil war, tensions are running high, and one of the most dangerous men in…

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2 Responses to “The Butcher Of St Peter’s by Michael Jecks”
  1. Thanks for the reblog, Michael. If any of your readers want to see my reviews for the preceding books in the series, they’re all up at

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    • I recommend anyone who wants to see unbiased reviews to go to your pages. Incidentally, hugely enjoying Mystery in White by J Jefferson Farjeon. Great golden age story!


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