Rebellion’s Message by Michael Jecks

Three excellent reviews in one month, with medieval – Death Ship of Dartmouth – to modern – Act of Vengeance – and now Rebellion’s Message. So grateful to the Puzzle Doctor and no, no money exchanged for three High Recommended book reviews!

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Rebellions MessageJanuary 1554 and London is in turmoil. Mary I has been on the throne for six months but there are others who wish for a different monarch, one of a less Catholic persuasion, one who isn’t planning on marrying Philip of Spain. Thomas Wyatt is one of those people, and has taken upon himself to raise an army and march on London… but Jack Blackjack, a member of a gang of thieves has other things on his mind.

Normally, those things, apart from the possibility of bedding the gang leader’s mistress, would revolve around who the next purse would be lifted from. But he’s more concerned by his most recent victim – because Jack has just woken up, after being bashed over the head, next to that victim. And his victim is considerably more dead than when Jack saw him last – and there’s blood on Jack’s knife…

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One Response to “Rebellion’s Message by Michael Jecks”
  1. Me Too says:

    I just finished it … I think I’ll read it again! Thank you!


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