Fields of Glory

Many thanks to Mr Turney for a very kind review. Next time I’ll try to make sure that the Crime books are more prominent, though!!

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I’ve been meaning to read one of Jecks’ books for some time, given the high recommendations they seem to garner from my friends. I picked this one up for a read, knowing it was the first in a series. I was rather confused for a short while as I thought Michael wrote mysteries, and it turns out that this is not the first in that series, but the first in a new, recent series of more mainstream historical fiction.

Initially, I found things a touch hard work, due partially – I’ll admit – to this not being the book I thought it was! But partially due to the fact that there is quite a cast and most of the dramatis personnae get their own screen time, as it were. Each chapter seems to deal with the viewpoints of perhaps three or four of the characters. Oh, there’s a main…

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4 Responses to “Fields of Glory”
  1. Me Too says:

    IMHO, only a fool would give it an unkind review, e.g. complain about the cover art which the publisher’s rep decides and which has nothing to do with the content of the novel. A darned fine one it is too!


  2. Lindsey Russell says:

    At last! I’ve been champing at the bit since mentioning on your last blog that I had started reading FofG. I loved this book, With such a large cast I was prepared for the leaping about as it opened which seemed to mirror the chaos an invading army must feel as it gathers itself into a cohesive force. Perhaps because I do read so much crime fiction I sussed early on what the crime was that the troubled man had committed. But no way was I mislead into thinking this was an historical crime novel. It is a ‘straight’ telling of a historical slice of a specific period, brought to life by the characters and the background detail of that time.
    And now to other things. I was so sorry to hear you had to make that decision we dog owners all dread but have to when their dog’s suffering affects the quality of their life. I believe if you are really in tune with your dog you can see it in their eyes when they have had enough and I’m sure you made the right call.
    Hope ‘son’ is on the mend with his wrist and your leg is recovering from its injury.


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