Christmas Giveaway!

This year has been busy, very busy. I’ve published Rebellion’s Message, and Blood of the Innocents, while also writing the first in a new Crusaders series, a second in the Blackjack, Bloody Mary series, and two other books that will hopefully hit a shelf near you in the coming year. Oh, and planning a new historical, a new modern police and modern spy story (follow up to Act of Vengeance). Yes, I’ve been busy.

However, that’s no excuse for being so inept at keeping my blog posts coming. The vlogs on YouTube are difficult, because they require my daughter to edit and make them look smart, which is not easy while she’s studying so hard for A levels. The blogs should be easier … but they’re not. When I’m fully immersed in a new story, it is hard to pull myself away in order to write a new blog post.

And so, in order to apologise, I thought I’d organise a give-away.

Last week I was involved in a short discussion with someone on Twitter who had not read any of my books. She asked where she should start, and it occurred to me that a really good place to begin would be with a wintry tale. And what could be better than The Merchant’s Partner or The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker?

So I thought: perhaps I should do my bit for Christmas by offering two signed copies of The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker to the person who can send me the best short summary of my books! Angus Donald came up with the superb: “Michael Jecks puts the Evil in Medieval”. What can you come up with?

The usual rules apply – it’s entirely at random. I’ll compile a list of names and select one. However, if you are on Twitter and Facebook and all those other good things, and you happen to share this competition, you may increase your chances, because you’ll get your name added once for every mention in each medium … if that makes sense!

I will try to post the books so that (UK) readers will receive before Christmas, so that means that the cut-off has to be 16th December. If a foreign name is picked, I will post as soon as possible, but obviously you may not receive it until the New Year.

Right. There you go. Feel free to mention me and my books as often as you like, and enhance your chances of a copy of The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker – what more could you want for Christmas, after all?

Here’s to a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

10 Responses to “Christmas Giveaway!”
  1. “Michael Jecks: His books are great, but Spotty Dog really writes them.” – I think that about sums it up.

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  2. Avril LeBeau says:

    To wile away the day with a Michael Jecks book is perfection.


  3. isoltblog says:

    Any Michael Jeck’s medieval murder mystery is the perfect read to curl up with on a cold dark winter’s night


  4. dgkaye says:

    Happy holidays and Happy New Year to you Michael. :)


  5. And the two winners were: Marek from Poland and Diana from South Carolina. Phew. That’s expensive postage!


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