The King Of Thieves by Michael Jecks

Another very generous review from the excellent Puzzle Doctor!

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

1325 and danger is lurking everywhere. Sir Hugh Despenser, the power behind the throne of Edward II, has found a way to get even with his enemies, Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock, by striking at their very homes. But Baldwin and Simon are about to be dragged away from protecting their families – Edward’s son is to be sent to France to try and negotiate a peace and to help persuade Edward’s wife to return to England, and Baldwin and Simon are to accompany him.

But danger is awaiting on the streets of Paris. A stranger has been murdered in the Louvre itself and a power struggle has begun in the Parisian underworld. The King of Thieves has an uprising on his hands and bodies are surfacing left, right and centre. As Baldwin arrives in Paris, he finds himself pulled into the investigation. But when the finger…

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