Pilgrim’s War by Michael Jecks

A brilliant first review for Pilgrim’s War, and many thanks to Kate for reading the book and then being kind enough to put up such a strong commentary!

You can read a copy of the review here.

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Simon & Schuster | 2018 (8 February) | 552p | Review copy | Buy the book

Pilgrim's War by Michael JecksIt is March 1096 and the people of Sens in France gather to hear the crusading call of Peter the Hermit. The Holy City of Jerusalem is in the hands of the Saracens, the Christians within persecuted, the places and rituals of Christ forbidden. The Emperor of Constantinople and the Eastern Empire is begging for help from the west and, in return, the Pope has promised that the sins of all crusaders shall be forgiven. Among the crowds who hear the call there are many who stand up to follow it, including Sybille and her husband who sees earthly riches at the end of his pilgrimage, not heavenly ones. Likewise, brothers Odo and Fulk have their different reasons for taking the cross – Fulk sees opportunity and adventure while Odo feels the stirrings of…

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One Response to “Pilgrim’s War by Michael Jecks”
  1. Lindsey Russell says:

    Exchanged contracts today – I’m moving to Suffolk (would have preferred Devon but in the end the distance at my age was too far). But at last I’ll be in easy driving distance of what looks like a fabulous Indie Bookshop in Clare and will actually be able to order your books, instead of getting them out of the library and having to give them back (hate parting with books I’ve enjoyed).


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