Shots E-Zine

Over the last twenty-odd years I have contributed to a number of excellent magazines and e-zines. I have been fortunate to have been given many books to review and comment on, and most of the time I have taken the very sensible approach of only commenting on the books I’ve really enjoyed. After all, there are writers whose works I have disliked on occasion, and later, when I have returned to them, I’ve found them interesting or, in the case of Harlan Coben, for example, impossible to put down.

Some books have been hugely enjoyable. Others have been dire, in the extreme. And it seems to me sad that the reviews all disappeared into the maw that is the internet, and many won’t be seen again. So I’ve taken the decision that maybe I should put up a select few here on Writerly Witterings. After all, I am determined to get the blog going once more, and this is a good way to achieve that!

So, I hope you enjoy some of the reviews going up in the next few weeks, and do please go to Shots E-zine and read my other reviews – and the reviews of many, many other people who also write for them.

Happy reading!


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