I’ve Lost My Editor!

The last weeks have been more than usually busy.

I’m currently working on a new book which is close to being completed which will take me in a new direction – which is why (apologies to agent here) I’m late! Still, I think it’ll be done by the end of this week.

Which is good, because it means that I can crack on with the next book – a follow up to Act of Vengeance. And then I have to write the next Bloody Mary Series book before the end of February too, so I’ve some busy weeks ahead.

However, the last weeks have been particularly busy because our daughter (the child I am used to calling “my little girl”) has flown the nest and gone to university. Which is a strange thing. I appear to have blinked, and missed all the intervening years between her birth and her leaving home.

I remember quite clearly that, when I went to university, it was rather a big shock. Suddenly I had to rely on pay phones to speak to my parents. My friends were not close to hand. I had to make new friends, become much more outgoing (in theory).

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, and with video calling software, it’s dead easy to talk to people. Students never need feel that they are completely cut off. Parents can keep in touch and be reassured that their little darlings are safe and well. It is a very different world.

So this week, rather than talking about books and writing, I’m just raising a glass to those, like me, who are also finding that their houses are just a little bit quieter, that their lives are just a little bit less meaningful, now that one of their family members has started their new adult lives.

And I’m also raising a glass to those who have just left home and are discovering the excitement of running their own finances, learning how to cook, and hopefully learning new academic studies.

But there are difficulties for students who are discovering the thrill (or horror) of being given their first essay questions, or being asked to produce a report. There is a lot to absorb in a new academic career. So to try to help, I’m embarking on a series of videos on my vlog at Writerly Witterings. They won’t be as professionally filmed or edited as the original videos, sadly – owing to the fact that my producer/director is at university herself – but I hope that they will help some of those who’re finding their new life confusing or difficult. You can find the first one Link here – and I hope it is some help to new students!

Good luck!



9 Responses to “I’ve Lost My Editor!”
  1. A noble project, buddy. BTW you have arrived at one of life’s way stations. You probably feel a little older, but it’s nothing. When your younger kid turns 50, that’s when it really hits.

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    • Hmm. We started later than you, so when the younger one’s 50, I’ll be 94. Don’t think I need worry about that!


      • This summer our Mia was in the pool and I was hanging around. ‘Grandpa,’ she told me ‘I’m eight, you don’t need to babysit me!’ I explained that I wasn’t babysitting, I was lifeguarding, and that I would be doing that suppose she was twenty eight. She gave me a long look and replied, ‘When I’m twenty eight you’ll be dead!’ So now my ambition is to prove her wrong.

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  2. Dan D says:

    Congrats to your daughter on starting an exciting new chapter! Any chance we see a new Templar book in the (near) future?


    • Thanks for the comment, Dan. I have the majority of a Templar novel sitting in a pile beside me right now. Just waiting to find time to go back and edit and sell it, just now (the publisher went bust, sadly, so the contract ended). Hopefully before too long I’ll find a home for it!


  3. Grass-Berry says:

    I had to deal with a lot of changes last year, and I love to write as well. I empathise with what you’re going through, and I love your blog. Keep writing !

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  4. Grass-Berry says:

    I empathise with what you’re going through, as I went through a lot of changes last year as well, and life seemed like a whirlwind of problems, stress and rejections. I’m an aspiring author as well and love your blog. Keep writing!

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  5. Jack Eason says:

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    A few thoughts from Michael…


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