Tuesday 19th

Lovely parcel, thanks to Drew!

A day of surprises

The trouble with working from home is, you never know what interruptions you’ll get.

Today I was out early with the hounds, up over towards Belstone, and we had a pleasant wander – but I knew that I had a lot to do today. So we cut the walk and came back home.

On the moors above Belstone

I sat at the computer and started it up. Every evening I tend to turn it off fully, because I believe (hope) that the thing will get a chance to reset itself. When you reboot a computer (not the old salesman’s method with a size 11 boot, but turn it off and on), the system should clean up any useless nonsense and become a functioning system once more. Yes. It should.

Today, I turned on the machine, and it went into a sulk. This was at 10.10. I tried to get to emails, and the multi-coloured wheel of death appeared. Then it stopped, and I could get into emails … for about three minutes. I was hunting on the web for a specific response to a question, and the spinning wheel came back for a second, then the screen froze.

Sigh. Turn it off and turn it on again. Same thing happened. So by 11.15, I had managed precisely no work, and the damn computer was dying again. Just then, the postman called with a box.

This was much more interesting. A friend in America had seen some of my reviews, and, knowing I loved stationery of all sorts, had gathered together a huge quantity of gorgeous notepads and cahiers of various types. A truly wonderful package to open – especially when I came across a trio of fountain pens, a Pineider travelling inkwell, travelling wallets and – well too much to detail here. Let’s just say, it’s given me several review videos in planning!

But then I had an email (on my phone – the iMac was still sulking). I have applied for financial assistance from the government to improve my hearing aids. And yes, they would support me to the tune of 6/7ths of my costs (because apparently I’m not supposed to be working on the seventh day, so I have to pay for that part of my hearing … logical, except self-employed people do tend to work every day. Anyway, no matter). The trouble was, when I started looking through the items they had listed for the £3,700 they were looking to provide me with.

There were three microphones. And a receiver, and a transmitter that sent the received signal to my aid. Why three mics? I don’t know. There was a docking station and cable – but they came with the mics. There was a spare thing which … well, I don’t know what it was. It wasn’t provided by the NHS Audiology department.

Old tractor on our walk today

So I had to go to call a lovely lady called “Courtney”, who led me through what she and the audiologists thought I would need, and we came to a much more sensible £950, of which I would have to find about £130. Much more manageable for my income than the £550 that I was originally quoted!

So, not a good start to the day, but it improved dramatically, and at least now I have two hours clear to write, and can look forward to a new hearing aid device that will help me hear people in crowded environments, in meetings, and allow me to have good connection to my phone.

It could get interesting!

4 Responses to “Tuesday 19th”
  1. Old Trooper says:

    It sounds as if you need something like Dr. Cleaner Pro at best and/or CleanMyMac X. You mention the ‘multi-coloured wheel of death’ appearing which is a sign that things are grabbing unnecessary memory and keeping you from your work. It is frustrating I know and that is why I regularly clean and optimize to get rid of pile of unnecessary junk. Cheers!


    • Yes, I try to as well. But I think Apple is sending too many updates that are causing contentions in their software just now. I hope they get to fix things because at this rate I won’t be able to afford to remain an Apple user.


  2. jehscribbler says:

    I am intrigued by the tractor’s exhaust stack, at least I assume that is what it is/ Never saw one like that on a tractor here in the US. (Possibly I”m just unaware of some of the older tractors’ appearances, but having grown up in Indiana where you see a lot of old tractors sitting around in the country alongside farmers’ fields or barns, I would have thought I would have noticed one like that.)
    I hope you find a solution for your Mac issues. That is truly frustrating and annoying.


    • I have to admit, I don’t know anything about tractors. This one has been rusting away on that lane for over twenty years, and it’s a sad sight. But I do wonder whether the strange smoke stack is because this is a diesel tractor (it says Diesel on the front), and I doubt you’d see any diesel machines in Indiana or elsewhere in the US?


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