Reporting Hatred

This morning I received an email. It came through at 08.40, and was long. Very long. Ten pages long.

I won’t put up the bile-infected rant; there is no way I want to promote his lunatic theories. Suffice it to say, every terrorist attack, every rape and murder, pretty much, is entirely the responsibility of muslims. He has clearly not heard of the two world wars, the Chinese and Russian genocides, the American (I am guessing he comes from the US) slaughter of the Native Americans, the Australian killing of the Bushmen and their culture, the South African genocide of the Hottentots and … I digress.

The point is, I spend a good half hour trying to find somewhere on Google where I could report this man and his rant. And I could find nothing. The internet is a great resource for many things, but there is nothing so secret as a group of company employees who want to remain hidden. If you have an issue with a website, I daresay you can easily contact someone – but when it’s an individual (presumably) who is sending vile emails, that’s a lot more difficult.

In the end I took the easy approach, and sent copies to my MP and the Police. With luck one or the other of them (probably not the MP, since they seem a little tied up with their own incompetence these days) will find a contact at Google, who will no doubt tell them that this kind of email is only a matter of freedom of speech, and nothing to be worried about.

But it is. I do not know who the man is who sent his badly-spelled and largely ignorant rant. I have never asked for him to contact me with his foul ravings. How many people is he writing to? How many of them are as impressionable or dim as to believe that all Muslims are evil? It is as moronic as those who think that the Jews intend world domination – which, if it’s true, shows that they are singularly incompetent, after two thousand years or more.

What is really offensive is that the moron decided to write his email after the appalling tragedy in New Zealand. He apparently wasn’t aware that it was not Muslims attacking supremacists. It was families of pious New Zealanders attending worship who were murdered by a white supremacist.

It sickens me that such intolerance and ignorance still exists, and is actively promoted by the internet.

17 Responses to “Reporting Hatred”
  1. drakestraw says:

    Thank you for reporting it! It is appalling that anyone anywhere believes this kind of thinking, let alone sends it to others. On behalf of normal human beings in America, I apologize for what others from my country are spewing because we have a president who has encouraged them and given them an example to follow. I hope beyond hope someone you contacted can track this person down.


    • Oh, there are as many strange people in the UK, Australia and elsewhere, on both sides of the political spectrum. It’s been going on for a lot longer than the current incumbent’s presidency, sadly. Luckily most people are more sensible.

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  2. Dan D says:

    I’m curious as to why you believe this to come from an “American” (quotes because if he is, he’s barely that, not reflecting the views of the vast majority of us). And yes, this type of diatribe seems to be more prevalent and acceptable in the current environment, certainly not discouraged by anything Trump has said (“There are fine people on both sides”). MAGA and all that nonsense.

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    • Hi – and it’s not a reflection of any antipathy to the US, Dan. I love America and have been over many times. And I know that the majority of Americans, just as New Zealanders, Brits and others, are sensible, generous and warm-hearted. However, this guy uses specific language that “feels” American – although I could very easily be wrong. There are so many typos and misspellings that it’s hard to tell. Sadly it’s a kind of diatribe that could have come from a Brit or American. I just hope the Police track him down and prosecute, no matter where he is.


      • Kelly saderholm says:

        As an American, sadly, I would think this sort of thing would come from an American. I wonder though- why did he send it to you, specifically? My hope is that it was a mass email, and he’s not fixated on you. Glad you reported it.


      • Thanks for the comment (it’s good to know that people want to see the blog!) – and sadly, I suspect that, because I am known for writing books about the Templars, some lunatics think I believe in their own crazed conspiracy theories. There are so many strange people who’re prepared to believe anything to do with the Templars: what happened to their money, their attempts at world domination, their membership of the all-seeing-eye brigades, their running of the US and Israel by their partnership with the Illuminati … and other gormless nonsense. And many seem to assume I agree with them. Luckily, I still retain some mental function!
        But it’s not only Americans. The murdering moron in New Zealand wasn’t from the US.


  3. Not a good way to start your day, Michael. This sort of rabid racism is on the increase. I have no brief for Arabist terrorists, but there are other terrorist groups, as you point out. I hope someone takes an interest in this issue, either the police or Facebook. Sorry that this filth has come to your door.


    • The great thing is, the morons are in the minority. The sad fact is, that they seem to get access to guns all too often! It was a bit of a painful start to the day, but at least it gave me the idea for a short story, and the fact of contacting the police meant that I had a run at writing, which led me into my day – so not all bad! Thanks for the message – appreciate it!


  4. I could not agree with you more Michael. It is this sort of vile, intolerant, and bluntly stupid attitude that leaves the world in the mess it is in today. I work for a Muslim family, and they are kind, generous and peace-loving people, as well as good friends. As you correctly say, it was a white supremacist who carried out the New Zealand attack and had nothing to do with Muslim extremism. It exists in every culture, religious or not and reporting it is all that can be done. Sorry to hear that you have been a victim of such a degenerative culture. You have my thoughts…


    • Absolutely, Jay. I used to be at school with muslims when I was a teenager – some 45 years ago, God help us – and they were, oddly enough, people. Just like the rest of us. For white “supremacists” to claim that they have some sort of claim to superiority over the people who gave us numerals, algebra, “candy”, and God alone knows how many inventions and intellectual developments, is rather pathetic. To try to do so on the back of a madman killing so many innocents trying to worship is plain sick – which is what got my goat! Still, with luck the police will be able to track him down. Many thanks for the comments, mate. I appreciate it.


  5. Mary Del Rio says:

    To write 10 pages sounds like mental imbalance rather than someone who needs to be taken seriously. The internet gives them a venue to spout their distorted mindset. I really think the problem today is the inability our societies have of dealing with the mentally ill. We cannot judge or point to a probable cause based on a rant. Maybe he lost someone dear to him by an Islamic terrorist, or enemy combatant. I think your approach was very wise,to let the authorities take it in hand. They are more likely to have a balanced viewpoint, and not as likely to project their own personal anecdotal experience on to the event.


    • I do think so – although while I think yes, he could well be suffering from a mental imbalance, I would also have to say that his collection of “facts” and data was very detailed. I think he might be high on the autism spectrum – but then, when you look at the white supremacists, it’s logical to assume that all of them could well be suffering from mental imbalances. If not, they need to get out more!
      Many thanks for commenting!


  6. Sandra says:

    I’m glad you reported it and sorry that your time was wasted by such an “interesting” person.


  7. Jack Eason says:

    I watched a BBC4 program about how platforms like Facebook handle online hatred and violence. Turns out their much vaunted algorithms can’t hack the pace. So instead they outsource the problem to a company in the Philippines, staffed by young people whose job it is to either ‘ignore’ or ‘delete’ an item from whichever platform thet happen to be working for that day…

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  8. Jack Eason says:

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    online hatred…


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