Tuesday, it’s Spring, and I’m stuck in the office typing!

Stream in the woods

There really doesn’t seem to be much doubt that Spring is here. The crocuses and snowdrops have died, and even the daffodils are disappearing. In their place celandines are appearing, the bluebells are about to pop, and the fields have taken on a brighter hue.

Which is frustrating as hell, since I’m sitting in my office, staring out at it through my window!

Yes, I walk the dogs every morning. It’s my one exercise, and I try to make sure I cover as close to five miles every day as possible. Sometimes it’s a little more, often a bit less, but I do my best. I need the exercise – it’s the problem with a highly sedentary job.

But once the dogs are back on their bed and snoring gently, all I can do is sit here and type or edit, gazing longingly out through the window. The temptation to turn off the computer and drive to the beach, or wander up onto the moors with a backpack and camping stove is horribly appealing.

It’s at times like this that willpower appears to be in short supply. But at least writing a blog means that I can get the fingers back into action!

Still, at least I have stories to occupy me. I’m editing the latest Jack Blackjack/Bloody Mary story for the next few days. It’s a good plot, but I’m not convinced about the humour. I think it needs a little more, so I’m looking at how to add a couple of little elements – not new scenes (I’ve already been told off for making the story a lot longer), but just making the existing scenes more concentrated. That is one of the hardest elements of writing: reworking each paragraph to get the maximum effect from it. I know all writing is rewriting, but it does get harder after the fifteenth or twentieth rewrite.

Still, the main thing is, at least I really like my characters. They appeal to me. Of course, it is not the same as having contact with real human beings – that is what I really miss about writing and not having an office job any more. Now my human contact tends to be limited to an occasional chat with the postman, or getting grumpy with a cold caller just as I’ve got into the zone and am ready to write a staggeringly good piece – there’s always a berk from Porlock who wants to call at those moments and ensure that the best section of the book is lost forever.

But at least I am lucky enough to live in the country.

Have a happy Tuesday. If you’re interested, there’s a video going up tonight on my YouTube channel, writerlywitterings, where I talk about another book I’ve just read. Hope you like it!

4 Responses to “Tuesday, it’s Spring, and I’m stuck in the office typing!”
  1. You do live in a very beautiful area. It’s a good thing my dog can’t see all the pictures you post, or he would want you to adopt him. Living in a metro area of 3+ million people is a very different dog-walking experience! But it’s fun to live vicariously through your photos.


  2. Lindsey Russell says:

    Get an answer phone (with caller display so you can immediately ignore ‘withheld’ and ‘international’ calls) that screens calls – cold callers nearly always hang up as soon as the message kicks in (especially if the number has been auto-dialled). I’ve not spoken to a cold caller in the past five years :)


    • Hah, actually I have a little white box that refuses to let anyone with an automated, computer-dialled call to be passed through to me. I was getting 8 spam calls a day; now it’s nearer one a month. However, the hospital, and many other folks can’t get through!


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