The Trials of Typing

I have used many computers in my time. I started out with dedicated wordprocessors such as the Olivetti, and progressed to simple personal computers like the ACT Sirius (which was gorgeous) and Apple Ice. But I never could get to grips with Supercalc!

I progressed from them to the lovely Wordplex machines, which I sold for five years or so, before moving to Wang Labs and their dedicated WP systems. They were great. Infinitely better than the hideous, low tech, badly designed, clunky Rank Xerox “document processors”. No they were, they were dreadful. I left that firm as soon as I could.


Since then I’ve been a happy user of AST laptops, IBM PS2s, Toshiba laptops, and more recently, Apple iMacs, MacBook Airs, and now my beautiful iMac and Astrohaus Freewrite.

People ask me why I love the Freewrite so much. Well, today is a case in point. I have written some 1,500 words on my Freewrite. Why? Because for some  reason my iMac has stopped working again. There appears to be some contention between iTunes and Photos, such that when the two are loaded in the Apple’s memory, they both cause the computer to hang. So far today I have had to restart this machine four times. I haven’t, intentionally, watched the clock every time I’m trying to write, because frankly this machine would end up out of the window.

And meanwhile the Freewrite continues working seamlessly and smoothly. For less than a third of the cost of an Apple.

This may well be my last Apple.

Hey ho. Hopefully this will get posted. Even more hopefully it’ll include the photos I’ve been trying to load. They are of my childhood collection of Action Man uniforms and equipment. I used to adore these things, and although several items got damaged (when my parents allowed my nieces and nephews to play with them), it’s been fun to get to know them again. Time to accept the fact that I’ll never play with them, though! Better to sell them to a collector.

It’s been a strange day. Up at 5.30 to see off my daughter, who’s returned to university, and then taking photos of Action Man gear, an old snooker table from the 60s, and other items for eBay. It’s a shame to get rid of these things, but I have to accept that it’s not always a good idea to keep hold of too many items from the past.

GMH_2522Incidentally, I have my new Phonak hearing aid now, which allows me to listen to conversations that I couldn’t have heard last Thursday. Not only that, it allows me to listen to music straight from my phone – and acts as a hands-free in the car. I am very impressed and delighted!

5 Responses to “The Trials of Typing”
  1. Lindsey Russell says:

    The first ‘photo’ is blank, the ‘action men’ are showing. You’re not the only one having computer problems today. My HP keeps telling me I have no connection to Microsoft Outlook – which is daft because my old Dell does have a connection. So this computer numpty is assuming the fault is with the laptop not Microsoft Outlook.


    • Thanks for letting me know about the first photo – no idea what happened there. It showed on my computer, but didn’t want to appear in the blog itself! Ugh. Computers are designing their own new problems with every release of new software, I reckon. They’re just doing it to irritate poor humans! Best of luck!


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