Sad To See Them Go!

A strange thing, to sell off old toys from my childhood. But yesterday I sold off a cowboy figure and two knights (one black, one silver, naturally). Like Action Men, they are all one foot tall, and their selection of weapons was quite well made and designed.

The Action Men will also be going to a new home shortly. They are on eBay being auctioned for sale tonight. And then, I suspect I might also sell off a pen. It’s a delightful Cross fountain pen that was given to me out of the blue by Cross pens, and it is lovely – a Peerless 125 in gold – but the sad fact is, I’ve never really had a use for it. It writes beautifully, and the barrel and nib are gorgeous … but I never liked the cap. It’s huge and gobby, and just too over the top for me. It handles wonderfully, but it’s not the same as my Visconti, which is my daily carry pen. Unless I’m out, in which case I use my TWSBI Go! pens.

It’s odd, though, disposing of things. It’s not something I’ve ever been good at. I’ve mentioned before that I am an inveterate hoarder, and I only have to glance about my room here to confirm that. There is a lovely box over there on the table, that was made by my father-in-law. It serves little useful purpose, really.

The hall has a lovely oak cupboard, which houses my collections. In there are the paraphernalia of my old smoking days. A number of lighters, some 70 pipes that I collected over fifteen odd years of smoking, left-over cheroots and cigars, and tankards of all shapes and sizes. Why do I keep them? God knows. But they all hold memories. I can’t just throw them out.

And then there are the other things. The collections of books I wrote myself, stacked in plastic boxes in the other side of my office; the audio books on tape and CD; the tea-chest, a beautiful mahogany box with two tea caddies inside, and a velvet section where the mixing bowl once stood (long since lost, sadly), and old toy cars to remind me of past passions.

Perhaps I need to put more things on eBay!

2 Responses to “Sad To See Them Go!”
  1. Anthony says:

    It can be tough to let go of things, but sometimes it has got to be done. Congratulations on doing it.


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