Planning Not To Plan!

I was talking this morning to my old friend Phillip Gooden, and he mentioned that he was writing a variation to his latest story. ‘You know how it is,’ he said, ‘so often you don’t know how the story will pan out until you actually start it.’ It’s very true. So often aspiring writers will … Continue reading

Writing – Six Faults

I was looking at a blog today, and it sparked an idea. The idea was, thinking of the worst advice ever given to aspiring authors. Where on earth would you start with a piece like that, I wondered. And then I started thinking … So here goes. My favourite bits of dreadful advice. 1. You … Continue reading

Thieves, ID and Piracy

OK, this is a blog post about the tedious side of publishing: money. Where does it come from and where does it go? The idea for this blog came from an email I had yesterday and another three this week. All were from friends of mine on holiday in the Philippines. Sadly, all of them … Continue reading

Persistent, Polite and Persuasive

This weekend I received a new book in the post. Actually I received three, but only one is relevant for this blog post.   I regularly get books posted to me. Sometimes it’s a pain, especially when I’m in the middle of a book myself. Why? Because when I’m sitting at my desk trying to … Continue reading

End of the Series? Or Just a Pause?

This blog piece was prompted by an email I received this afternoon. The message was from someone who wanted to let me know how sad they were to hear the news that Baldwin and Simon’s series was to end. I know this has affected a lot of readers, so I thought it would be a … Continue reading

Slip Ups and Errors

I rarely like to think back to errors made in previous books. Well, not with my own books, anyway. This last weekend, I was very glad to be asked to Scarborough for their annual Literary Festival, and while up there, I was made to reflect upon books past. A lady from the audience wanted to … Continue reading

Slowness and Ebooks

All right, I know, I’ve been slow to get back to the blog. What with the time spent writing, there’s just not been enough time to write regularly. I’m hoping that will change a little soon, but there are still too many distractions, culminating last month in the death of my lovely old Bernese. The house … Continue reading

The Most Crucial Writing Tools

I’ve already had a few enquiries about how easy it is to put new works up on the internet, so thought I’d add a few comments. First, you obviously need a piece of software that will help you to create your work. And most authors will leap to Word immediately. Well, you can use Word. … Continue reading

First Attempt at Epublishing.

At a time when publishing is in such a state of turmoil, the last thing that an experienced author wants to do is set off in a different direction. Which is what I am doing. Still, there are good reasons for it. I want to sell more books. And what is irritating is, I have … Continue reading

Pens, Pencils, Computers – Guess My Favourites

Writing – again. The last few weeks have been really fun. Hard, but fun. I am in the middle of the next book for Simon & Schuster, which is to be an action story based on the Hundred Years War, with the campaign that finally led to Crécy, and I am enjoying it enormously. However, … Continue reading