Reviews on Amazon

I had to put up the last blog repost on Amazon ( here if you’re wondering) by my friend Jack because it just tickled me. I’ve had so many comments on books – it gets hard sometimes to keep a sense of humour. From the first “fan” letter that detailed 21 points of historical inaccuracy (he/she … Continue reading

Poppies, Remembrance and Reflections.

I mentioned yesterday that my little boy was suffering over an essay he had to write. Well, he was grateful for me sitting down to help him (shortly after helping his big sister with her Compound Interest homeword) and, I’m glad to say that the end result of his labours was good. Mind you, I’m … Continue reading


It’s sad, but very true, that most people hate editing. I do myself. My son thinks that any form of writing is a scheme designed to torture little boys. He is bright, and his brain is perfectly capable of good work, but the simple fact is, he considers any form of writing to be a major … Continue reading

Books for Christmas!

Well, I hate to remind you, but it is coming close to that time of year again. Christmas. Now, of course, I mean that it’s time to go out and make someone happy. Giving presents is a heart-warming thing. It produces a feeling of well-being, an atmosphere of happiness, a sense that all is right … Continue reading

YouTube If You Want To

There are times when it seems like there’s no time to sit at the desk and write, and this has been one of those weeks. University was – well, mayhem is a little too polite, I guess. From nine in the morning to four thirty, Monday and Tuesday, I had no time for even a … Continue reading

A Review and Author Interview: Anthony Riches – THE EMPEROR’S KNIVES

The Emperor’s Knives by Anthony Riches, published by Hodder & Stoughton ISBN: 978 1 444 73191 in hardback for £14.99 and also available as ebook   A brief disclosure. I know Tony Riches. That’s hardly surprising. If there is a writer in the crime, historical or thriller market I don’t know, he or she must … Continue reading

Itinerary US trip 12th – 21st February

I have had a few people asking when and where I’ll be when I go to America this week, so here’s a short summary. I fly in to New Orleans on Wednesday 12th in the evening. I’m honoured to have been invited to be the Grand Marshal of the parade of the Krewe of Little … Continue reading

Blogs and Sales!

I have been a keen user of WordPress for some time now. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it lets me blog without having to worry too much about the sillier aspects of updating computers. In short, I like it. But not always. Sometimes you find little irritations and glitches that get in the way. For … Continue reading

Back to the Edit

Today I have settled down to work on the edits of my next book, Fields of Glory, which will be published next summer. Luckily there’s not too much to do, other than remove some unnecessary scenes and tighten some others. I say luckily, because as you can see, this isn’t the shortest book I’ve written! … Continue reading

Giving Talks

Ok, this is a slight digression. Today I’ve been writing a speech. Only a little one, but it’s one that has to be good, so I’ve been playing around with words, rereading old speeches and trying out new anecdotes. I enjoy giving talks. Which author wouldn’t? We get an audience, we get a fee, we … Continue reading