Poppies, Remembrance and Reflections.

I mentioned yesterday that my little boy was suffering over an essay he had to write. Well, he was grateful for me sitting down to help him (shortly after helping his big sister with her Compound Interest homeword) and, I’m glad to say that the end result of his labours was good. Mind you, I’m … Continue reading


It’s sad, but very true, that most people hate editing. I do myself. My son thinks that any form of writing is a scheme designed to torture little boys. He is bright, and his brain is perfectly capable of good work, but the simple fact is, he considers any form of writing to be a major … Continue reading

Editors are Good!

I am just getting the editor’s comments back on my latest manuscript. Hmm. I value editors – the work they do is absolutely essential. They can radically improve a piece of work with what can seem like tiny changes. Still, those tiny alterations can be incredibly difficult to get across to the author sometimes. The … Continue reading